Saturday, April 2, 2011

Experience song

Now its time to say goodbye
Lets speak soon - who knows when
When spirits will rise up on high
We'll join hands again

We've given all that we can give
Haven't left out a thing
The Torah tells us how to live
Songs of praise we sing

Everything we have
Is surely from Hashem
A we'll ever know he taught us well
Nothing they could say
Will change the way we feel
Experience it all together we can't fall
(experience it too together me and you)
Me and you

Soon we'll all be leaving here
An empty room it might be
But we will take with us out there
What only our hearts can see

The joy we feel and love to share
Simcha knows no restraint
No more sadness no more tears
Singing this refrain

Artist: Yerachmiel Begun
Album: Miami Experience 2

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