Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It happened Yom Kippur

Artist: Tzlil V'zemer

Album: Wake up Yidden

It happened yom kippur, as they were praying,

A truck pulled up, the sergeant was saying,

'War has broke out, we need all our men,

To serve L'man Hashem'

Young Mottel turned 'round to his father beside him,

'Father, advise me before I go fight them,

Give me a Brocho I should have hatzlocho,

And let's hope we'll meet again'.

'Oh, Mottel my son, do not be dejected,

We have a Mezuza, you'll be protected,

Set aside time during each day,

to study our Torah and pray.

Speak to the soldiers who will be with you,

Teach them B'chol D'rochecho Doe'hu,

Hashem Yishmor Tzeischos, safe and secure,

Until you'll be with us once more'.

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