Friday, July 3, 2009

A child alone on the shore

Artist: Unknown

Album: Oh Rebbe 2

A child alone on the shore,

Waving a light up so high.

To signal a ship that no one can see,

In the rough open ocean and vast darkened sky.

As every sailor passed by,

They questioned the boy with the light,

'Why little one do stand at your post,

There is nothing and no one in sight?'

The young boy looked up, his face all aglow,

And waved his small lantern above and below.

'Please wait here with me, the ship we will see,'

'Dear child explain to us how do you know?'

'I'm firm in my faith, the answer is clear,

I'm so very certain the ship will appear.

The captain has told me and promised he'll come,

Of course I believe him, for I am his son.'

The Rebbe, our captain, his promise will keep,

Knowing a chossid's emunah proclaims.

'I'm firm in my faith the answer is clear,

V'hu Yigolainu - Omein.'

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