Friday, July 3, 2009

Daddy Dear

Artist: Mordechai Ben David

Album: The English Collection

'Daddy dear, tell me please, is it true what they say,

In the heaven there's a cup that gets fuller each day.

And i've heard that Hashem keeps it close near by,

And he fills if with his tears each time that we cry?

Zaidy told me, daddy dear, did he tell you the same,

That when sorrow strikes his people, Hashem feels the pain?

Tell me why does he cry far away in the sky?

Tell me why, daddy dear, are there tears in your eyes?'

'Little one, little one, it is true, yes it's true,

Zaidy told me years ago and his dad told him too.

Fathers cry for their children and Hashem does the same,

When we're hurt, so is he. Yes, he feels all the pain.

Tears of pity, in this cup, sadly flows,

Till one day when it's full, all our troubles will go.

We will dance, we will fly in the sky like the birds,

And I cry little one 'cause I'm touched by your words.'

'One more question, Daddy dear, answer please if you will,

Just how deep is this cup, tell me when will it fill?

Don't you think it is time that the sun forever shines?

Don't you think it is time dear daddy of mine?'

'Little one, it is time and I've questioned that too,

So let's ask him together me and you.'

"Father dear, do you hear our worries, our fears?

Will your eyes ever dry, is your cup filled with tears?"

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Anonymous said...

I like the project!
I will link to it.

Peter Connor said...

Thank you.