Friday, July 3, 2009

The little bird

Artist: Tzlil V'zemer

Album: Wake up Yidden

The little bird is calling,

It wishes to return.

The little bird is wounded,

It cannot fly, but yearns.

It's captured by the vultures,

Crying bitterly.

Oh, to see my nest again,

Oh, to be free.

The little bird of silver,

So delicate and rare.

Still chirps among the vultures,

Outshining all that's there.

How long, how long it suffers,

How long will it be.

Oh. when will come the eagle,

To set the little bird free.

The little bird is Yisroel,

The vultures are our foes.

The painful wound is Golus,

Which we all fell and know.

The nest is Yerushalaim,

Where we year to be once more.

And the eagle is Moshiach,

Whom we are waiting for.

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